TMP: Sumac, Behemoth, Windhand, and More!


I think I mentioned this “going to 40 IL breweries in 3 months” thing I’m doing for a complicated prize. I got to 34 on Sunday and I think I’m dying.  Be happy I had some consciousness left to bring you the news.

Black Dahlia Murder is touring with a bunch of rotating bands.

NY festival Prophecy Fest is pretty stacked with things I like.

New Sumac for your heavy heavy needs.

Windhand made a song and video.

Cast the Stone have a new track.

  • I will not type out the new Behemoth track name. Video is NSFW.
  • If you missed TDT, here’s new Beyond Creation. Also, a tour with Gorod, Entheos in Europe.
  • New Deafheaven video and a tour announcement.
  • New Haken is going to be “heavier”. Anything is better than retro. Album coming in October.
  • Zao is planning on dropping two 7” this year.
  • Vein, Sanction, Judiciary are touring NA.
  • Here’s another Crippled Black Phoenix track.
  • More Infera Bruo black metal.
  • Another Aborted track probably sounds like it left the studio early.
  • A third new Korpiklaani track is up. I don’t remember which ones I have shared before since I’m not listening to them. Here’s all three.
  • Tyr’s guitarist left the band.
  • Another more from Black Peaks before the October 5 release.
  • Wolfheart announced a release date of September 28.
  • Is Monuments seriously on Century? Huh. New track.
  • Moonspell live with fucking laser fingers. Lol.
  • Beyond the Black is a band in a market I don’t understand.
  • Integrity G.I.S.M. cover.
  • New Primitive Man from an upcoming split.
  • Unnecessary U2 cover from Redemption.
  • Meshuggah mini-documentary thing.
  • Mob Rules. I’m not saying a band named Mob rules. They just have a bad name.
  • Michael Graves is kickstarting a piano album.
  • Old men escaped a nursing home to go to Wacken.
  • Wolvhammer dropped off Abigail Williams, Ghost Bath tour & deleted their social media due to a band beef. They were replaced on the tour by Wolf King. Still a band, apparently.
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