Flush it Friday: Getting Jittery in Kittery


TIL that I can get to Maine in just over an hour. TI also L’d that I’m going to see a full swing band (Annie & The Fur Trappers) tomorrow, and hopefully exploring Portland beforehand. Like many before me, I will cross the Kittery bridge into a land haunted by Stephen King’s dark imagination (and coke habit). I’ll be sure to stop by the first small town diner I see and eat every slice of pie, just to get that sweet, sweet cursed whipped cream. (I’ve heard Maine-based desserts are great for losing weight.) You know what isn’t great for losing weight? The absolute s m ö r g å s b o r d of tight Toilet tasties to follow.

A Spooky Mansion premiered a Fraser rager from Humator:

Premiere: Humator – “Curse Of The Pharaoh”

Joe TnK thrashed (and killed) his liver with a X.I.L.lion riffs, growing several large warts on his face in the process:


TDT with Allegaeon is enough to make anyone say “Hot Damnum!”:

Tech Death Thursday: Allegaeon – Damnum

365 spent a lot of time on this Shirt Stains, ft. Amorphis and a rill ‘spensive timepiece:

Shirt Stains: Queen Of Time Pieces

Y’all been to Maine? What’s fun to do around Portland? Give me those ME deets along with your G/B/Us! <3 Roldy

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