TMP: Hour of Penance, BRAIN DRILL, Cloak, and More!


Good news everyone! That beer I made and blogged about turned out pretty dang good! Loads of coffee aroma. I can now recommend you try it yourselves.

Hour of Penance


Neat stuff from Bednja.


  • New desert prog from Hashshashin.
  • Psych stuff from Bask.
  • Electric Wizard dates.
  • BRAIN DRILL is done.
  • Alterbeast, Cognitive, Micawber tour.
  • New Botanist, it’s weird stuff.
  • Ghost did some stuff.
  • Darkest Hour, Fallujah in Europe.
  • New stoner stuff from Cannabis Corpse.
  • Slayer short film announced.
  • Everyone keeps saying this Veil of Maya was a surprise. Was it?
  • Insomnium isn’t great.
  • Don’t love new Novembers Doom either. Have I lost the melo-bug?
  • Grind from .gif from god.

Some of this is probably fine but I don’t have anything to say about it:

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