Toilet Radio 259 – The Moonspell Interview


Your three main boys are taking the week off from our dumb bullshit. Instead, you get to listen to a damn fine interview with Portuguese heavyweights Moonspell! Toilet ov Hell reporter Ian stepped in to talk with Moonspell vocalist Fernando Ribeiro on the occasion of the re-release of their 1999 hit record The Butterfly Effect. The two discuss the effect of COVID on the band and taking some time to reflect on the things that really matter in life. They’re also talking maintaining a degree of privacy in a world of endless streaming possibilities, focusing on writing the best record they can, the rationale for releasing older material for younger audiences, Y2K, and recording in the early days vs. recording with a digital setup. Fernando takes us through the band’s live setup and the decisions they make regarding props, sets, and all the outlandish live production that goes into putting on a professional metal show. This is a damn fine interview and we hope you dig it!

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Moonspell – Angelizer

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