Washington Think Tank with W.: Is It Worth It?


As many of you are likely aware, we members of the Skull and Bones club predestined to rule this fine country have made great use of Washington think tanks to answer some of the nation’s most pressing questions. Although my primary mandate to researchers was to find methods for more effective torture information extraction, I occasionally employed my scientists to puzzle out more philosophical ventures. In this spirit of the scientific endeavor, I’d like to utilize you, our loyal flushers, as a new think tank in this ongoing column.

Today’s Question: Is it worth it?

A recent blog post by Allegaeon bassist Corey Archuleta is what first got me pondering this question. In this post, Corey opines that playing music is worth sacrificing a stable career and relative comfort. While I definitely think that some may believe it’s true, especially for flash-in-the-pan trend-followers who have enough novelty to ride a quick wave of public approval into stardom, the answer becomes a bit murky for underground bands who risk not eating and losing all of their investments over a long career of poor reception and sleeping in smelly vans.

So here’s my question: If you play in a band, are you willing to forego a normal life and the comfort it entails to create your art? Do you supplement band life with a side-job? Is music your side job? If you never achieved anything more than underground success, would you consider your contribution to the body of art meaningful?

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