Check Out This Live Converge Set From 1995


Baby Converge!

90’s and 00’s live footage is all the rage right now. Maybe it’s boredom or nostalgia. Perhaps it’s because we can’t take another “here’s members of these bands covering some song” video. Maybe it’s because we’re all stuck inside, yearning for a better time when music sounded better and we all looked cuter. Okay, it’s definitely the last one.

Youtube account timmorrisvideos has been uploading a bunch of 90’s hardcore classics over the past few weeks. According to the channel’s About section, Tim Morris filmed these live sets around the New Jersey area. Sadly, he passed in 2003, but what a great way to honor his memory than to share his footage to multiple generations across the world. There’s sets from scene heavyweights such as Coalesce, Snapcase, Earth Crisis, Botch, and Overcast, as well as lesser known bands like Ink And Dagger and Black Army Jacket. Hell, there’s even an Assück live set too.

Filmed in May of 1995, this set takes place between the band’s first studio album Halo In A Haystack and Petitioning The Empty Sky. The band’s frantic energy the band has become known for is on full display as the band thrashes and writhes around the floor of a Masonic temple. Beyond the music and the energy, I think I most enjoy the fashion and polite applause from the audience. If this show were to happen now, sweat-soaked fans would be sardine-packed into the room, crashing into the band and their gear. This is something both long-time fans and newer fans can enjoy as it really is a snapshot of a now-much-beloved band still learning their craft and honing in on their sound. Check it out.


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