Flush It Friday: Painted, Tainted, & Used For Art


Do you need a project to keep busy between your Quncle’s conspiratorial rants in the days leading up to Thanksgiving? Would you like to create a totally unique NFT that no one will ever upload to The Pirate Bay? It’s time to consolidate your creative clout with a new MSPaint Contest! Here are the rules, which I certainly did not copy and paste from the last one:

As with the last time we did this, the rules were simple:

1. Create your own work of art based on a favorite album cover in MS Paint or a similar program (no stealing from that FaceBook page). Participants must SHOULD include the logo and album title if they’re included in the original art.

2. Post the original album cover in the #community-content channel in Discord along with the participant’s “interpretation” by the end of Monday 11/29.

3. Anyone can join in because the results will be judged by the community as a whole.

4. The winner will be selected by THE PEOPLE OF DISQUS AND DISCORD. The winner will receive a BC digital album of their choice from me (except dumbass stuff like $666 placeholders). If it works out aesthetically, I’ll also try to make an emoji out of it for our server.

I know we’re all dripping with talent here in this alabaster throne, so I expect to see some Pisstine Chapels streaming in pronto. If you need some inspiration, I’ll link to the previous contests below:

Sunday Sesh: Life is Pain(t)

Sunday Sesh: Life is Pain(t): Part: Deux: Maxim:um: Pa:i:n::(t):::

I See a Red Door and I Want It MS Painted Black: The Return of the Contest

Anywho, this was a pretty stacked week of Toilet Content, innit? Premieres out our rears!

Megachiles rubbed the Pain Gel on its skin, made me wish for shows again:

Premiere: Cara Neir — Pain Gel of Purification

Stick-Stickly branched out with some tree-mendous rapid reviews that really spruced up the place (I will not apologize for what I’ve done):

Joaquin’s Rapid Review Roundup 3

Riff-Raff returns with Hans and Eenzaamheid, joined by some nerd:

Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.51] HIGH ON POT-TY HUMOR

Hans is cloaked and stoked on this premiere from the ghostly guys in Wraith:

Video Premiere: Wraith – Cloaked in Black

It’s time to bust out your 64-pack of Crayolas (IF YOU WERE A SPOILED BRAT) and scrawl some G/B/Us on the clean walls of Disqus.

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