Flush it Friday: Look at These Frogs


It’s Friday. Please enjoy the perfect comedic timing of these two frogs.

Matt from Slugdge shared this and I’ve been watching it all morning. Simply incredible.

Anyway, let’s look at the highlights from this week.

You owe it to yourself to watch this sub-30 second Superjail-esque music video from Birdflesh.

Video Premiere: Birdflesh – Land of Forgotten Riffs

Link made his triumphant return with *record-scratch* VIDYA GAME MUSIC?!

The Black Mages: Nobuo Uematsu’s Electrifying Interpretation of Final Fantasy

I chatted up one of the nicest metal dudes in Austin to talk about all kinds of dope shit.

Toilet Radio 185: Terror Comes to Austin

Karhu is excited, DAMN EXCITED, about this new Kull rekkid.

Does The Vow Of The Exiled Fall On Deaf Ears? A Kull Review

Finally, I did the Pepsi challenge with the Batushkas. THE RESULT WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE.

Batushka vs. Batushka: An Idiot’s Blind Taste Test

Alright I gotta get back to work. Love you.



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