Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.52] Repeat Headshop Vandals


This week the Sires of Slappage take the Scooby Doo challenge and spend Sunday ripped on stoner doom with A Spooky Mansion.  What could go wrong?

Your fearless hosts Hans and Heidy (Eenzaamheid) show up with their A-game only to be shown up by the musical knowledge and mellifluous words of guest A Spooky Mansion!  While Heidy picks from his tried-and-true-if-a-bit-stale bucket of blackened crust, Hans shows how they’re keeping metal dangerous in France these days, in spite of Varg and his lame, racist DnD knockoff.  But Spooky knocks ’em both out with one epic hit from the stoner doom pipe and a new but old school Smoke on the [Bong]Water-sounding jam.  We don’t really remember what happened next, but what’s the worst it could be?

Courtesy of the local headshop security cam:

Hans and High-dy on some dank stoner doom

Stay tuned for our NO MEROL ALLOWED episode next week and expand your musical palette or some nonsense

New Music Features This Week

Heidy’s picks
Wolf King – Beholder
ACxDC – Gorged

Hans’s picks
Huronian – Emissary of the Void
Churchburn – Scarred

A Spooky Mansion’s picks
Heavy Temple – The Maiden
Witcher’s Creed – Salem (The Resurrection)

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