Flush it Friday: Maniacal Musical Mores


It’s recently (and always) been brought to my attention that I have a number of conditions/rules/pet peeves when it comes to albums. Even a slight deviation from this set of arbitrary edicts can spell doom for an album’s longevity, so if you’re dropping a disco track in the middle of a tech death album, or concluding your magnum opus with a 2-minute spoken word segment, it needs to be earned. Otherwise, you risk soiling the flow of tracks that you, the artist, decided needed to be packaged as part of a single entity. Other pet peeves include: different production styles on different tracks on the same album / Discord pings baked into recordings / clumsy synths scattered haphazardly across otherwise well-composed songs. Don’t do that. Do read these!

Toilet Radio received word that the Shredderz had fallen. Also Joe Thrashnkill got got by one of our listeners, apologizes for his potty-mouth:

Toilet Radio 439 – The Shredderz Have Fallen

It’s dark in here after Aaron knocked our lights out with this No Lights review:

Review: No Lights – Dream Eraser

Spear premiered a dummy T H I C C Decoherence track:

Premiere: Decoherence – “Closed Timelike Curves”

Megachiles‘ emerges from a long quest in the dirt, digging up dungeon synth delights for your pleasure:

Dungeon Crawling: Spring 2023

Got any weirdo music rituals? Let me know alongside your G/B/Us below! ~<3 Roldy

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