Full Album Premiere: Malformity – Monumental Ruin


More malformed madness!

I recently told you about Malformity, their history, and that you should give them a spin even if you’re a little bored with things brandishing the OSDM tag. In case you need more convincing, I’m happy to oblige by presenting you their upcoming debut Monumental Ruin in its entirety today.

What I said about “Monument to Decay” also applies to the album as a whole, as there’s a sizable heap of variety to be found throughout. You want an all-out pummeling at high speeds? Try the awesomely titled “Facemelt Bloodgrinder,” which brings a bit of a punk feel to the table at times, or the absolute rager that is “Degenerative Sequences,” one of my favourites.

In the mood for a slow dance? “Into Ruin” or “Lost Necropolis” might be more your speed. Careful though—the city of the dead is treacherous, and the song is wont to change tempo at the drop of a dime, eventually culminating in a part that steadily increases its speed before ending things with a final bang.

Such is the way with most songs on Monumental Ruin; as soon as you think you’ve got them figured out, a sidestep or a quick feint will throw you off again. With that said, the album should give you plenty to do over the weekend before its release this coming Monday on Unspeakable Axe.

Head on over to Bandcamp if you haven’t already to preorder now!

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