It’s Tech Death Thursday: Vale of Pnath Edition


We need to talk about Vale of Pnath, a badass band from Denver, Colorado. But before we get into it, let’s listen to this track from their Debut, The Prodigal Empire,  which came out in 2011 on Willowtip.

I chose this song  because it’s a great example of what I love about this band: their music is extremely technical yet melodic.  Perhaps most importantly, they write songs, not just riffs and solos.  They write really fucking good songs too.  I mean look at the first words of Legacy of Loss:  “I am the messenger of the ages, brought forth to sow the seeds of despair, I am the wolf to lead your flock astray.  And those who follow me shall be met by death.”.  I’m not normally one to listen to lyrics, but those are pretty cool, and one hell of a way to start an album if you ask me.  The band have hinted about a new album dropping this year on their facebook, but there hasn’t been any official announcement yet.  You can get The Prodigal Empire in the the usual places, but if you’re like me and hopelessly obsessed with bandcamp, you should grab it here.  I leave you with my favorite song from the album.

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