Orange Goblin Crrrrrack That Whip!


Do you like hard-rocking traditional heavy metal? Of course you do! Orange Goblin, a band I have previously discussed as being a fun, southern-rock tinged metal band, are back with a brand new single courtesy of Loudwire. This new track, “The Devil’s Whip” is from their upcoming eighth studio album Back from the Abyss.

I dig this song. I dig the vocals. I dig the riff. I dig the tasteful leads. I dig the rockin’ pace. If you like Motörhead, Corrosion of Conformity, or High on Fire, you’ll dig this. Check out the new single here and get dates for their upcoming European tour here.

Umm, this post is really short, so here’s some more Orange Goblin. Check them fuzzy guitars and hard-rockin’ licks.

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