Premiere: Thoren – Gwarth II


Skronk time? Skronk time.

Thoren last graced our ears in November of 2018 with Gwarth I, and now that our brains have had some time to recuperate, they’re ready to hit us with the followup. As I said back then, Thoren’s music is intentionally challenging and impenetrable, more so than many of  their dissonant contemporaries. It’s more akin to Blotted Science or Behold the Arctopus than, say, Sunless or Ulcerate. In other words, it’s nasty as all hell and pretty damned difficult to follow.

But follow we shall. Maybe I’m just a bit more accustomed to this style of music now than I was a year and a half ago, but Gwarth II feels a bit more easily digested than its older brother. It’s still wild and dense to be sure, but it has the barest hint of restraint in its chaotic soundscapes. Structure is more readily apparent than before, and ugly as the music is, I found myself nodding along with it as I went. Gwarth II is a crazy instrumental journey, and I’m happy to help Thoren bring it to you today:

Gwarth II releases this Friday, February 8th, on Drylands Records and is available for preorder on Bandcamp. Drop by Thoren’s Facebook page as well and show them some TovH love.

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