Riff Of The Week: Verb Edition


Riff: \ˈrif \
verb (instransitive)
to perform, deliver, or make use of a riff.

Last week we were swarmed by Insect themed riffs, with a popular relic from the time when Mastodon played metal sitting atop the mound (‘March Of The Fire Ants’). However, I’m awarding victory to Megachiles, for schooling us in his description with his vast entomological knowledge, and definitely not because he chose the exact same damn riff I planned on submitting from Unravel‘s ‘Reign Of Wasps’. Also, ants are merely wasps who decided they didn’t need their wings anymore, diverging sometime in the Cretaceous period. Idiots!

This week I asked for riffs from bands featuring a Verb in their name. We didn’t receive too many submissions, I blame all excrement-affiliated education systems worldwide. 

Becoming The Archetype – ‘Cardiac Rebellion’ (Riff @ 1:10)

This album is full of fine riffs front to back, but the chorus riff from Cardiac rebellion is a high watermark on the album. For those who don’t know, Becoming the Archetype is a Christian death metal band, but don’t let that scare you away from this excellent and supremely riff-packed album (Bonus, look for the horns section variant around 2:30).

Dismember – ‘And So Is Life’ (Riff @ 1:53)

‘Member Dismember? ‘Member? I ‘member.

Type O Negative – ‘Christian Woman’ (Riff @ 7:15)

You come out of your office and for some weird reason you need a piece of paper with “O Negative” written on it. So you go to your secretary, who is sitting in front of a typewriter, and you tell her “Type O Negative”. There you go, its a verb now.

Rehashed – ‘The Adventure’ (Riff @ 9:25)

Granted, this could be an adjective, but let’s pretend it’s past tense. Anyway, the riff is not the fanciest one, but – just like the rest of the album – it’s highly effective at obliterating butts.

Oksennus – ‘Musta kirja’ (Riff @ 1:44)

[*Vomits in Suomi*]

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Next week, against my own instinct, I think we’ll do a power metal themed riff of the week. Have at it, dorks.
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