Shirt Stains: Wow That’s Racist




Disney has a long history of using racist characters in their movies. While they don’t quite reach the Uncle Remus level of pure are-you-fucking-kidding-meness, the crows from Dumbo are pretty damn racist. That’s not a matter of opinion. That’s not people being overly sensitive. Disney tries to cram in as many stereotypes as possible with the crows. They’re presented as poor, lazy, jive-talking soft-shoe dancers straight out of the KKK’s nightmares. The crows are an animated exaggerated minstrel show, voiced by white actors doing their best Al Jolson impression. Still think it’s not that bad? The main crow is named Jim Crow. Jim. Fucking. Crow. They might has well have named him Whites Only Water Fountain Crow.

So why the history lesson in Disney’s forehead-slapping past? Thanks to the Philly-based hardcore band Blacklisted, not only do we get to relive these racist stereotypes, we actually get a version that’s more racist. These crows are decked out in the finest 70’s pimp clothes this side of Taxi Driver, and it’s implied that they’re stoned with the X’s on their eyes and the stars above them. The crows are presented as dark as possible, with exaggerated features. You can practically hear the crows shouting “Mammy!” It’s like a triple-decker racist sandwich.

What is the audience for this shirt? Angry jocks with tattoos of their crew on the back of their skulls? If it’s supposed to be a joke (LOLLOL We’re called “Blacklisted” and we have a shirt with black stereotypes LOLOLOL), then it’s not funny. Some may want to scream “OMG STFU PC SJW JFK UFO!” and other acronyms, but there has to be some willful ignorance going on to make and sell this. If this is all a big misunderstanding or I’m missing something, I would love to hear why. Not a lot of room is left up to interpretation.

In my younger days when I was still throwing spinkicks and windmilling, I bought Blacklisted’s Our Youth Is Wasted EP. It was a nice short burst of aggressive hardcore. My interest in the band was drained when I saw them live at Hellfest and observed their close association with FSU. At the show, bleachers were set up for people to watch bands without the fear of getting punched in the back of the head. Blacklisted’s vocalist made it a point to tell the angry bros in the crowd to knock the crowd off the bleachers. A crowd that included teens and women. I sold their EP not too long after. Looks like I made the right decision after seeing this shirt.

In an interview, Blacklisted vocalist George Hirsch said, “I do not condone unnecessary acts of violence, but I would have to say that hardcore for me stands out musically at its most violent, its most unpredictable. You want something that you can feel and lets you know that you are there.” Oh, well that makes it all better. I guess he was just letting people know he was there.

Strom Thurmond was buried in this shirt. This shirt says it’s “just playing Devil’s advocate” at least twice a day. This shirt’s favorite movie is The Birth Of A Nation. This shirt has Hulk Hogan’s rant as it’ ringtone. This shirt still studies phrenology. This shirt wears a Confederate Mushroomhead mask.

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