The Monday Press: Kayo Dot, Dust Moth, Grave Desecrator, and More!


By the time this is up, I will have completed the insufferable 15 hour ride back to Chicago for a nice week of vacation. I will miss you all this week, specifically none of you, but I did find the time to scrape up some news from the filthy underbelly of the web before I left.

Meshuggah released a short teaser video for their new album due this fall, and also some European tour dates with High on Fire.

Europe is about to get post/sludged to death, with a Minsk and Kowloon Walled City tour coming soon.

One of my favorite female-fronted bands, Dust Moth, released a new song off their upcoming album out July 22nd. (Thanks to Tyree for the heads up last week)

Katatonia posted a new lyric video for a song off their upcoming album. And you can find yet another song even more recently released here.

In not-quite-metal-but-metal-adjacent tour news, spooky doom duo Muscle and Marrow are about to hit the road with Marissa Nadler and Wrekmeister Harmonies. M&M have a new album coming out as well later this month, so you can bet they’ll be crushing crowds with new creepy, avant-garde gloom on this tour. Dates below.


  • Kayo Dot released their first song from the upcoming Plastic House on Base of Sky. It seems pretty similar to Coffins on IO so far, at least compared to the rest of their diverse discography.
  • Cultish blackened thrash band Grave Desecrator released a new song from their album due July 1st.
  • Way back in December, Spear wrote about sorta non-tech death band, Abhorrent Decimation, and now they are signed with Prosthetic Records according to their twitter.
  • Sylosis guitarist Josh Middleton is planning to make “70’s prog” solo album sometime soon.
  • Whispered are streaming their album in full here.
  • If you like old-style doom, with big riffs and flavorful keys, go listen to Cauchemar‘s exclusive track “Chapelle Ardente” over at Deaf Forever.
  • “Ebony Grand Master,” a blazing new track from French weirdos Sektemtum is streaming now over at Invisible Oranges. It’s certainly something.
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