Video Premiere: Greywalker – “Hour 13”


As the metal bar restricts the blood flow to your legs, your thoughts begin to stray towards death. Is that the copper scent of rust, or something more sanguinary? Does this infernal contraption violate OSHA? With a lurch that seems to rearrange your vitals, the ride begins. Welcome to Le Cachot. Something riffèd this way comes.

Pittsburgh’s Greywalker wastes no time jerking your neck around like the jankiest wooden coaster; the bass clanks like Marley’s ghost, and the transitions between styles leave listeners’ spines in shambles. From the charming melodies of old-school melodeath to the Darkest Hours of metalcore’s ascension (this is not an insult), “Hour 13” is greedy in the way it hoards its influences. Despite the familiar framework, there’s something new in the arrangement: jump scares stem from mechanical breakdowns, rather than animatronic ghouls that rise from the grave. Solos shred the skin from our bodies with finesse mad butchers can only dream of. (Also, the music video isn’t just a vibrating cutout of the album art, or big dumb lyrics in aggravating fonts. Kudos.)

Vocalist Brian Howe spilled his guts about the origin of the EP’s title:

The EP’s title Le Cachot, translated in English as “The Dungeon”, is named directly after the former dark ride of the same name which used to operate at an amusement park in our hometown. The ride took it’s guests on a journey through an old castle where they would encounter a wide variety of haunts and troubled souls along their path. Much like that ride, this collection of songs takes the listener on a journey through the dungeon of the human mind. Exploring the darkness in search of the light.”

Step right up to Greywalker’s shadow show. If you feel a pricking in your thumbs, that’s natural—the body’s response as it fiends to press repeat.

Le Cachot is out 7/9 on Bandcamp. You can keep up with the band on Zuccbook.

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