Album Premiere: VHS – Deep Gashes and Long Lashes


If you’ve been around the Bowl for a few years, VHS should need no introduction. These Canadian fellas have graced these hallowed halls more than once, and they deigned to grace us with the premiere of their new album, Deep Gashes and Long Lashes.

VHS haven’t rested on their laurels since last year’s I Heard They Suck . . . Blood. True to form, they’ve continued morphing their sound and incorporating more influences into what was already a melting pot of metal styles and references. This time out, the inspiration is the synth-driven soundtracks to Italian giallo films. The boys had this to say about their new rekkid:

VHS trade in their machetes for black hats and trench coats. With a more synth driven approach, throbbing groove and ominous melodies set the perfect backdrop for a blood soaked murder scene. Deep Gashes And Long Lashes is a tribute to the bizarrely beautiful giallo films from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. VHS present an audible homage to the thrilling and bombastic music that accompanies the on screen violence and beautiful set pieces, as well as a salute to the gorgeous woman that met a grisly end.  Call it Giallo Death!

This new one is a beast, y’all. Those keyboards hit just the spot when thrown in the pot with VHS’s usual heady death metal. Deep Gashes And Long Lashes also keeps it in the family with guest vocals from Fiore Stravino of Fulci, Ricki of Golem of Gore, Alessio from Guineapig and Il Becchino of Tenebro.

Deep Gashes and Long Lashes is out October 31 through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. You can preorder a copy over at Bandcamp.

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