Free Flush Vol 9


Welcome back to Free Flush, had to wait a few months for releases to actually come out so I had enough to choose from. Got quite a few now from my Free Bandcamp Wiki. And the Facebook Group sharing NYOP albums is back up.  This volume has some very raw shit on it, I guess you could say it’s trve. Raw black metal and similar genres are often plagued with unlistenable albums, even with the audio thesis making it intentionally so.  These seven albums are addictive listens and have a good balance of rawness.

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Fossilization – He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten 

March 21, 2021
Death metal from Brazil

Cavernous death metal that will shake your ribs with the low end. Big atmosphere driven by the drumming and brooding post metal guitar leads. The cassette release is very cheap. It has a blackened sludge quality to it reminding me of a lot of Australian death metal like Snorlax and Ploughshare. Very good, mucky.

Cainhurst – Cainhurst


February 22, 2021

Raw black metal from the UK

Raw black metal that goes down rather smoothly thanks to the gaze-like progression of the melodies and well-fitting vocals. Some cool tones and the production is a sweet spot for the genre. There’re two dark ambient tracks and two raw black metal tracks making for a solid debut EP; I can easily see it carrying the length of an LP. The second ambient track is really droning and I mean that quite literally, it’s drone. The finishing track “Cainhurst” is impressive and fulfilling. Cainhurst is an antifascist project, I know him better as Necrocommunist on Twitter and I can always count on him to like my most violent and antisocial political tweets within the first 30 seconds.


March 1, 2021

Grindcore from America

The vocalist is literally a garbage disposal unit—as introduced by one of the funniest samples I’ve heard. This is honestly brilliant and has an alarming amount of actual death metal riffs and licks. The garbage disposal is actually performed with rhythm and manipulation to different pitches. There’s also a version of the album with proper human death metal vocals included for those who would want that. It’s pretty good in its own right, but in my opinion the garbage disposal (credited on Metal Archives as Insinkerator Badger 5-84A) is too perfect.  Really surprising little EP.

Rage Of Devils – Life Of Horror

February 3, 2021
Raw black metal from America

Quite possibly raw black metal album of the year, it’s just groove after groove and it has handfuls of hooks. My favorite moment off the record is on “Here To Do The Devils Work” with the vocal delivery on the lyrics “Here to kill/ Here to rip/ Here to tear/ Here to do the Devil’s work”. There’s a very bass-heavy doom vibe to a lot of the tracks, like speed doom or a black metal Black Sabbath. I enjoyed the low pitch synths on the intro which makes a return for the closing track, and yes I was baked out of my mind. Another good antifascist black metal project to support.

Cicada Swarm – The Dissection

February 28, 2021

Mathcore/Brutal death from America

A really cool fusion of hardcore and metal with a lofi slam-like production. I’m used to hearing mathcore mixed with all sorts of things from jazz to black metal, but I don’t recall here much in the way of brutal death metal. It works incredibly well. Some real slippery bass playing going on here. There’s a lot less high-quality hardcore for free so I’m really glad to have found this one, I’ll be listening to it a lot. Cool logo too.

Fight Forever – Over It

February 22, 2021

Hardcore punk from America

Very raw hardcore punk with heavy guitars and dark samples. It just goes really hard.

Wrektomb – Hollowed Socket Nystagmus

January 24, 2021

Raw doom from America

Terrifying lofi doom, it’s great. Very dark and unsettling music that is oddly hypnotic and catchy. I have no idea what most of the samples are from. If you say it fast enough, Wrektomb sounds like rectum and I’m unsure if that’s intended.

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