Welcome to the Jam: Meshuggah vs. Michael Jordan


Do you like Meshuggah? Do you like Space Jam? Then have I got the post for you.

In case you weren’t aware, there’s an online community composed of people who remix the theme song from Space Jam by the Quad City DJ’s. They call themselves slammers, and one of the best places to find these mashups is on the subreddit “Come On And Slam.”  You could easily get lost down that rabbit hole listening to remixes all day long. However, Papa Joe and I were chortling last week over a specific remix album called “slamZen” by one Analog Staple. This isn’t just a single remixed song, though; ol’ Analog Staple actually remixed the entirety of Meshuggah’s ObZen with the Space Jam theme song. Of particular note are the “Bleed Jam” and “Jammers to a Discordant Slam” tracks.

The whole album is free on bandcamp, so if you’re looking for just the thing to pump you up before your pick-up game of shirts’n’skins, pump up “SlamZen.”

PS: The old Space Jam website is still active, so if you’d like to see a relic from the days of internet past, check it out here.

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